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Zach Ezer (Playwright, Black Prometheus)

Zachariah Ezer is a Brooklyn-based dramatist whose work focuses mainly on oppression, as it relates to various axes of intersectionality. Onstage, his goal is to represent the struggles of all marginalized people with nuance and dignity. Zachariah is a graduate of Wesleyan University, where he received the Olin Fellowship for creative writing. He is also one of BUFU’s EYEDREAM residents.

Black Prometheus is five vignettes about black fungibility in America. In each, a Black Prometheus brings fire to the world and has their liver torn out for it. This repeats ad infinitum. Until it doesn't.

Brooke Johnson (Playwright, In the Woods...)

Brooke Johnson graduated from Emerson College with a BA in theatre performance and writing, literature, and publication. She is a Brooklyn based playwright and culture writer. Other works include MoonWalk, a full length that premiered in Boston in 2017.

‘In the Woods Behind Rachel Tobins House’ is a portrait of a very specific, very traumatic time in everyone’s life. In my opinion, we never fully recover from being 13. In this play, the mistaken belief that both characters are drunk, allows them to open up to each other and expose the beautiful mixture of childishness and maturity that define adolescence.

Shannon Murdoch (Playwright, To the Depths)

Shannon Murdoch is the winner of the Yale Drama Series Award for her play New Light Shine, which was also selected for the National Play Festival. It is published by Yale University Press with a foreword written by John Guare.  Virus Attacks Heart was produced at EAT New Works Festival, NYC, Planet Connections Festival NYC and Venus Theatre Company in Maryland.  It is published by Original Works.   Dog & Boy was a finalist for the Rodney Seaborn Playwrights Award and break, or catch fire was a finalist for the Patrick White Playwright Award from Sydney Theatre Company.  Other plays include One Cloud (Theatreworks, Melbourne), Everything in Between (Smith& Kraus, Best 10 Minute Plays) and Act Accordingly (JAC Publishing).  Shannon holds a first class honours degree in Theatre and Creative Writing from Griffith University and is a graduate of The Playwrights Studio at the NIDA.  An Australian delegate to the International Youth Playwrights Festival (Interplay), she has received writing fellowships from the Australian Council for the Arts, the Djerassi Resident Artists Program in California, Victoria Writers Centre and Hothouse Theatre. She can be found at

'To the Depths' - Lila dreams of a new life, far away from this hot mess of a life she has created in this nowhere town.  Her boyfriend Jake is ready to hit the road before dawn breaks but leaving for the wrong reasons is just as bad as not leaving at all.

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