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Ruthless Nightingale Theater Company

Art Funding Artists.

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Current Project: Light Green Moss

By: Molly Burdick

Directed by: Rebecca Rovezzi 

Dramaturgy by: Harley Winzenried

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About Us

About Us

Art Funding Artists, or "Play Equity"

Artists are chronically underpaid.


Ruthless Nightingale seeks to remedy this situation in a new and unique way: 

Play Equity.


Each play is its own business, and can be divided like any other asset.  When a playwright first writes a play, they own a 100% equity stake in their work. Playwrights grant us a modest percentage, which gets divided up amongst the developers and creators. This includes, but is not limited to the actors, directors, and dramaturgs. 


Under this model, everyone participating in the collaboration on a play possesses a piece of the art they are helping to create. Besides providing a gesture of gratitude for the collaboration, owning a percentage of the show could reap long-term financial benefits for everyone.


We view this as a shift away from the status quo. As more and more new work is generated, we proudly take a position of protecting the individual work of those who made it possible. Collaborators make the work what it is, and without those contributing artists, that particular version of the story could never exist.

Why "Ruthless Nightingale"?

Like the nightingale, our theater company aims to produce work that represents both life and death, both love and loss, and both unabashed joy and profound sadness. In other words, we are interested in fiery, unapologetic, difficult truths that confront the imperfections in all of us. Founded by women, Ruthless Nightingale provides power and voice to underrepresented artists in the theater industry.

Artistic Director

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Dara Pohl Feldman

Actor, singer, and theatermaker hailing from New York City.  Dara is most passionate about new work, collaborative theater, and making the industry more sustainable for the artists who exist within it. Founder of the Staff Playwrighting Festival at the O'Neill Theater Center. Favorite roles include the Stage Manager from Our Town, Violet from In the Spotlight, and Eilert Løvborg from Hedda Gabler. Proud alum of the National Theater Institute, Connecticut College, and LaGuardia High School.

Past Productions

Past Productions

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In the Spotlight



The Nightingale Songs Festival



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